Can I use the hotel facilities and beach?

We are happy to provide a place to use the private beach here at the hotel during your time with us.  It is meant to be used by our customers only while your party is participating and utilizing our rental equipment or our tours.  Please respect the privacy of the hotel guests by refraining from sitting directly in front of their rooms and by sticking close to the far west side of the beach and property.  We have a designated area for rental customers and our own picnic tables off to the side for members of your party watching from land.  Parking and bathrooms are available as needed at the hotel, but there are limited so please carpool to limit vehicles when possible.  Same thing with the bathrooms...please reserve use for going to the bathroom and try to keep things like changing in and out of swimsuits to your home or hotel room when possible, in-order to reduce traffic to the two bathrooms we share with hotel guests.