Is there an age limit?

Participants must be a minimum of 4 years old to fly, but must go up with someone else. We prefer that person to be a parent or guardian, or at least an adult for small children whenever possible, but again it is usually based mostly on the captain’s discretion and on varying weight limits. We do require a parent or guardian to sign for all minor children under 18 years old.  Please plan for someone on the boat or on land to care for small children and infants/babies.  It is not our responsibility to have childcare worked out in order for you to participate.  If you do bring an infant or baby on board, you MUST have another person to stay behind on the boat while you are in the air. We cannot be responsible for watching a baby while you are in the air.  Again you are welcome to have them participate as long as you know that there has to be room (based on passenger count not physical space) and that you are willing to pay for them to ride and have supervision if and when there is an available seat for them.  Children 4-17 may come on board without adult supervision outside of our friendly and helpful crew.