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Water Trampoline

Rave - Aqua Jump Eclipse
20' Diameter

We agree with Rave Sports – the Water Trampoline is the best invention ever!

As they say in a recent blog post, “it would be impossible to imagine our lives today without the major inventions including the printing press, automobile, electricity, telephone, television, computers, and the internet…Necessity is the mother of invention, but we think having fun is also a necessity. That’s why we simply must add the water trampoline to the list of ‘best inventions ever.’

A bold statement? You bet – and we agree! The following are five reasons why, straight from Rave Sports.

1. Fun: The water trampoline is incredibly fun and functional. It lets kids and young-at-heart adults jump like crazy, and if and when they fall, they get to make a big splash in the water. How is that not fun?

2. Portable: Water trampolines are portable. Simply bring along a high-speed inflator, and a small anchor, and your fun travels with you on camping trips or visits to grandpa’s cabin.

3. Fitness: How about a fun experience that is also an excellent low-impact exercise – not to mention a great calorie burner! Depending upon the intensity of jumping, trampolining can be an intense cardiovascular workout that helps increase metabolic rate and overall muscle tone. For example, a 150-pound adult jumping for 30 minutes will burn about 126 calories, depending upon the intensity of the bouncing and the type of jumps performed.

4. Relaxation: If you want to relax, the water trampoline is a great option. Swim out to the trampoline, climb on board, lie down, and watch the clouds fly by. The quintessential example of a summer lazy time activity.

5. Family Time: Spending time together on the water bridges the gap between adults and kids. Making that time fun cements it with smiles, laughs, and great memories. It’s hard to beat that.

These are five reasons we think the water trampoline is the best invention ever. If you still don’t agree, as Rave Sports says, “just imagine what Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, or Thomas Edison would look like jumping on a water trampoline and try not to laugh!”