What should I wear?

Dress for the weather and for comfort.  Know that our tours are on a boat, from the beach, and above the water, and there is always a chance of getting wet.  Our boat is 31 feet long and designed for rough seas, so it is a very dry ride most of the time.  You could get wet from a boat wake or wave hitting us at just the right angle, or from a dip or emergency landing. When it is cooler out we try not to dip or get people wet intentionally.  Though unlikely, if we had to do a water landing to get you in safely, it’s not a big deal. It isn't much different then a boat slowing down with a skier until they drop into the water.  You would float at the surface of the water with your lifejacket on, and could just un-clip yourself from the chute.  You would get wet though so dress for the possibilities when possible.  We recommend you wear a swimsuit on warm days if you plan on getting wet but you can wear street clothes if you prefer.  It doesn't hurt to bring a light jacket or hoodie on cooler days as it always feels cooler on the water, as well as a towel just in case you do get wet.