What is your policy with weather?

The captain makes the call on the weather.  We believe in safety first and we value your precious cargo.  Our captains ultimately make the call on what is safe weather.  If we have to cancel your ride for weather we will give you the opportunity to reschedule for a better time or rebook you on a different tour or rental.   Cancellations made by the customer and not the captain, within 24 hours, weather related or not, will be charged the full amount of the booking without refund.  We aim to please so we will try to reschedule you whenever possible but we cannot have people cancelling last minute when we turn away others for the spots, even when it is a little cloudy or cool, or because you think it may rain.  We tend to watch the radar more than anything else, but use a wide variety of weather data, including marine weather instrumentation onboard the vessel.